Becca R.

One day a disguised man runs into a bank. He points his gun at some people and tells them to lie on the floor and keep calm. He goes to the woman behind the desk and yells, "Everybody keep calm! This is a robbery!" The woman behind the desk says, "But sir, this is not the National Bank of London! This is a sperm bank!" "Exactly!", the man yells, "Now get me a gallon of sperm." The woman quickly runs away and returns with a gallon of sperm. "Now drink it!", the man says, pointing the gun at her. The woman drinks it, and in a few seconds she has finished the whole gallon. Then suddenly the man takes off his hat, his sunglasses and his wig, and yells at her, "Didn't I tell you yesterday that you COULD DRINK IT?"

funniness: 4.61

rating: G