Sexy K.

Every day a homeless drunk would ride on the bus to pass time because it was better than sitting in an alley way, and every day he noticed this one man would always walk on the bus alone and leave with the most beautiful women. Well, after watching this average man leave every day with beauty queens for a couple of weeks he decided to ask the man what his secret was. The man looked around and then whispered to the drunk, "I whisper in their ear, "I''ll tickle your ass with a feather." And if they like it they go with me and if they get offended I simply correct myself by saying "Particulary nice weather!" And that strikes up a conversation and they end up going with me either way." The drunk thanks the man and waits for a beautiful woman to board. Sure enough, a beauty steps on the bus and the drunk makes his move. He sits down and says, (In a not too quiet whisper)"PSSSST! WANNA' FUCK?" And the woman takes offense and starts to yell at the drunk and he replies, "What? Is it raining?"

funniness: 5.22

rating: R