Emma F.

Teen to friend- "My father used to help me with math, but since I started Geometry he says I'll get a lot more out of it if I do it myself." The best substitute for experience is being sixteen. If he finds her dad in his ancient slippers, This godling who is her date, Or the house hints hauntingly of kippers, She'll weep for creations fate! The sun will freeze and moon will shatter, And shame will curdle the sea. For youth is when things that do not matter Matter terribly. My neighbor was telling me how worried she was about the late hours her teens often kept. As we talked, her son breezed by and called out, "Don't wait up for me Mom- I probably won't get in until about 3 o'clock." She shook her head irratably and repeated, "3 o'clock! Why, when I was his age..." She paused and looked at me amazed. "When I was his age he was six months old." Teen to teen, "I'll never understand men if I live to be twenty!" The family was objecting to their son's girlfriend, insisting that he keep better company. "I'm sorry Dad," he said, "But that's the best girl I can get with the car we have." A teenager sent his girlfriend an orchid with this note: "With all my love, and most of my allowance." Mother nature is providential. She gives us 12 years to develop a love for our children befour turninig them into teenagers. "How was it?" asked the mother of a boy who had just taken his first girl to a dance. "Oh fine," he replied. "But everytime we got going good on the dance floor Old Harris would cut in." "Well that's life when you take a pretty girl to a dance." "I know, I know," The boy said mournfully. "But old Harris is a girl!" A scrawny miss with a brace on her teeth hung around the desk of the librarian diffidently until the latter asked: "Is there a specific book you are looking for? The scrawny one blushed and answered, "Do you think I could borrow 'Scouting for boys'?" Adolescent: One who is well informed about anything he doesn't have to study. On my son's 17th birthday, I told him that I realized he would probably start smoking soon. "Promise me you'll tell me yourself," I begged, "instead of letting me hear it from the neighbors." "Don't worry about me, Mom," he said. "I quit smoking a year ago." A boy becomes a man when he stops asking his father for money, and requests a loan. She's at an awkward age. To old for teddy bears, to young for wolves. When a man's daughter was 13 years old, she spent hours at the movies. "How did you enjoy the picture this afternoon?" He asked her one Saturday. "It was simply awful," she replied,"I could hardly sit through it the 3rd time!"

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rating: PG