Shameka M.

Peter Jr. had misbehaved in school. The teacher told him that he would be sending a letter to his mom. Peter jr began to worry. He knew that he would be in deep shit if his mother found out. So Saturday morning he paid the mailman 100 dollars not to deliver the mail for a month. A month had passed and Peter Jr figured everything was cool now. So Tuesday after school he went straight home. WHAMMM His mother had pulled a switch from the tree and hit him with it soon as he walked in the door. "That's for trying to be sneaky" said Peters mother. WHAMMM "That's for acting up in school." said Peters mother. WHAMMM "Thats for bribing the mailman." said Peter's mother. WHAMMM "That's just cause I felt like giving you a extra whack." said Peter's mother. Peter Jr went to his room in tears. Saturday he saw the mailman. He asked the mailman what happened. The mailman explained. Later on that day his mother walked in the door, WHAMMM WHAMMM WHAMMMM WHAMMM WHAMMM WHAMMMM WHAMMMM WHAMMMMMM WHAMMMMMMMMM "That's for sucking the mailman's dick!" said Peter Jr as he threw the bat on the floor.

funniness: 5.50

rating: R