Lorinda B.

Jimmy Carter steps forward timidly, and says, "I had a terrible timewith Iran, so I've come for some courage." "No problem," says the Wizard."Who's next?" Ronald Regan steps forward and says, "W-well, w-w-well, Ineed a newbrain.." "Done," says the Wizard. "Who comes next before the GreatWizard?" Up steps George Bush with a sad look on his face."I'm told by the American people that I need a heart." "I've heard that it's true" says the Wizard. "Consider it done." Then there is a long silence.......Bill Clinton is just standing there looking around, but hasn't said a word. This irritates the Wizard, and he speaks with a loud voice, "What brings you to the Emerald City?" To which Clinton replied, "Umm, is Dorothy around?"

funniness: 6.30

rating: PG