Elvis P.

One fine day, Prince Charles decides to visit his friend Bill Clinton. So he reaches there just in time to see Bill inspecting his troops. Seeing that they are so intellectual and mature (unlike the British troops), Charlie asks Bill, "Yo, Bill. How come your troops are so different from mine?" And Bill says, "Well, I ask them lots of simple questions." Just then, he sees Al Gore walking by and calls him, "Hey, Tony! I wanna ask you a question. Who's your father's son?" Tony says, "Me." "See," says Bill, "That's all there is to it." Charles goes home impressed. He decides to start by testing Tony Blair. He calls Tony who is having a shower at home at the moment. Charles asks the same question and Tony's stunned. He asks Charles for 3 days to answer. After Charles has put down the phone, Tony calls his friend Milosevic and asks him, "Who's your father's son?" And Milosevic answers, "Me." 3 days later, Tony comes waltzing into Charlie's office and Charlie asks him, "So, who's your father's son?" Tony says, "I know," with a smug look on hi face. "It's Milosevic." "Wrong!" proclaims Charles, "It's Bill Clinton!"

funniness: 4.41

rating: PG