Whitney T.

One day a leprechaun walked into the bar. He went up to the counter and drank a lot. He then went over to a huge man with muscles and tattoes all over his body. He had chains on him and a spike necklace and he looked really mean. The leprechaun then went on to spit on the huge man. Following that the leprechaun drank a lot more and kept repeating the procedure. Finally the huge man went up to the leprechaun and told him that if the leprechaun ever spit on him again he would cut the leprechaun's "thing" off. In reply the leprechaun told him that he didn't have one. The huge man then asked, "How do you go to the bathroom?" and the leprechaun said, "I just go like this," and he spit on the man.

funniness: 5.18

rating: PG