Moe R.

1. FRENCH FRIES actually came from Belgium, not France. 2. Your FUNNY BONE is a nerve, not a bone. 3. GREAT DANES hail from Germany, not Denmark. 4. BRAZIL NUTS are seeds, not nuts (but they do come from Brazil). 5. COCONUTS are really giant seeds, not nuts. 6. RICE PAPER has absolutely no rice in it. 7. ELECTRIC EELS are capable of producing a whopping 650 volts -- but they are not eels. 8. Your BACKBONE is actually 33 different bones. 9. MOTH-HOLES in sweaters are created by larvae before they become grown-up moths. 10. 10 GALLON HATS are for oversize heads, but they only hold about a gallon of liquid.

funniness: 5.12

rating: G