Nakia P.

One day, a beautiful, voluptios young woman fell from the deck of a cruiseliner. Being a quick thinker and not the panicky type, she swam to a nearby island, one which she had thought to be deserted. However, her second day there, she met a 50 year old man. He asked how she'd come to be on the island, so she told him what had happened. He then told her how he and his father had been enjoying a day out on there boat almost 40 years ago. She asked him how he had managed to survive for so long, so he told her about making a lean-to out of drift wood and leaves, digging clams for food, and filtering water from the ocean to drink. She replied, "That's amazing! But what did you do for love?" The old man asked her "What do you mean by that?" "Would you like me to show you?" So the lady showed the old man some love, the best anyone could ever dream of. They were still hot, so she showed him some more love. Still not done, she showed him even more love. She showed him all night, and well into the next day. When they were finally finished, she asked him, "Well, how did you like it?" To which he replied, "That was the most incredible thing I've ever experienced in my whole entire life. But look what you did to my clam digger!"

funniness: 5.91

rating: R