Moe R.

1. What is phobophobia? "Fear of phobias." 2. Elephants have 40,000 muscles in their trunks. 3. It isn't blood that attracts mosquitos, it's the scent of bacteria growing on your skin. 4. Snakes don't blink. 5. At most, elephants sleep three hours a night. 6. On average, people in France eat 200 million frogs per year. 7. The third week in May is "National Pickle Week". 8. In Japan there are vending machines that dispense of fresh-cooked spaghetti. 9. It takes four to five months to re-grow an entire fingernail. 10. Ducks have six eyelids -- three in each eye. 11. Rats can go without water longer than camels.

funniness: 6.55

rating: PG