Moe R.

The longest word you can spell without repeating a letter: UNCOPYRIGHTABLE The longest word with just one vowel: STRENGHTS The only English word with a triple letter: GODDESSSHIP Longest commonly-used word with no letter appearing more than once: AMBIDEXTROUSLY. The word with the longest definition, in most dictionaries: SET. The longest common word without an a, e, i, o, or u: RHYTHMS. The shortest ~ology (study of) word: OOLOGY (the study of eggs). The only two common words with six consonants in a row: CATCHPHRASE and LATCHSTRING. The longest English word with letters appearing in alphabetical order: AAGILOPS (an ulcer in the eye--I've never heard of it either). OF is the only word in which an "f" is pronounced like a "v". TAXI is spelled the same way in nine languages: English, French, Danish, Dutch, German, Swedish, Spanish, Norwegian, and Portuguese.

funniness: 7.38

rating: PG