Shameka M.

A couple had rented a movie Mike: Honey I'm going to make some popcorn. Do you want any? Sara: No, I'm not hungry. So they sit down and began watching the movie. Mike's eatting his popcorn and they was starting to smell good to sara. Sara: Honey give me some popcorn (and eats half of his popcorn). Mike pauses the movies Mike: Honey I'm going to get something to drink would you like anything. Sara: No thanks! Mike gets his drink and continues watching the movie. Sara: Honey give me a little bit of that (and drinks half of his drink). Mike wanted something else so he remembers he had a candy bar. He offers his wife some but she refuses. Then later on towards the end of the movie she eats half of his candy bar. After the movie is over Mike says, "Honey we aren't even getting a divorce and already your taking half."

funniness: 4.71

rating: PG