James L.

Widen: "When my girlfriend, Larina, told me she was pregnant I said, widen you tell me you didn't use no birth control?" Urinal: "After the police broke down my front door last night, they said, Darnell, urinal lot of trouble." Undermine: "There's a fine looking bitch living in the apartment right undermine." Stain: "My sister and brother-in-law stopped by the other day, so I asked them, you plannin on stain?" Sodomy: "When I go out at night, I like to have a bitch on one sodomy and another bitch on the other sodomy." Semen: "I never did know who my papa was cause my mama semen left and right." Seldom: "I had two extra tickets to the basketball game the other night, so I seldom to my friend." Rectum: "I had two Cadillacs, but my girlfriend rectum both." Polyp: "On my way home from the Piston's game the other night, I was involved in a five-car polyp on I-75." Penis: "I saw my parole officer the other day and he handed me a little paper cup and said, here penis. Orgasm: "I asked my cousin Dexter about the death penalty in his state. I asked if they electrocute em, hand, orgasm." Oreo: "I told my friend, Alonzo, if he wanted my sister, he could pay me 50 bucks now oreo me 100 bucks on Friday." Oral: "My friend Sebastian said, give me 25 cents oral blow your head off." Odyssey: "When I got back from the Windsor Ballet, I told my friends, you odyssey the tits on that babe." Menstruate: "With the fashions today you can't keep the women and menstruate." Manual: "I told my buddy Tyrone, manual get yourself in trouble if you keep messing with that hoe." Letter: "The ugly bitch downstairs came knocking on Darnell's door the other night and I wouldn't letter in." July: "After the trial, my mama asked me, did you tell the truth or July?" Income: "My girlfriend and I just got into bed, when income my wife." Horde: "My mama always did have a bad reputation cause she horde around in her school." Honor: "At our rape trial the judge asked my buddy Jarvis, who be honor?" Homo: "The bitch I'm living with called me at the bar the other night. She said Darnell, honey, are you coming homo what?" Fortify: "I asked this bitch down on 6 Mile--How much? She said fortify dollars. honey." Formaldehyde: "The police came to my door looking for my cousin Melvin. I told them there ain't no place formaldehyde in the house, it be too small." Foreclose: "If I don't pay my alimony this month, I'll have more money foreclose." Fascinate: "My sister Wolanda bought a sweater with ten buttons on it, but her tits are so big, she can only fascinate." Disappointment: "My parole officer told me, if I miss disappointment, he's going to send me back to the big house." Dimension: "A lot of you ladies been calling in wondering what Darnell look like. Well, he's tall, dark, handsome, not dimension hung like a horse." Derange: "Derange is where the deer and the antelope play." Decide: "My favorite girls are Wanda and Yolanda, but I like to keep a couple on decide. Data: "At my basketball game the other night, I score a triple double and my coach said data boy Darnell." Copulate: "I called 911 and an hour later when they showed up, I said copulate." Connoisseur: "I says to my friend Ramone, man you really stink today, what connoisseur did you crawl out of?" Coatroom: "The judge said, one more outburst like that and I'll have the bailiff clear the coatroom." Clothesline: "When I came home late again, I found my clothesline on the porch." Catacomb: "I went to the Douglas/Hollyfield fight and sat next to Don King: man, someone oughta get that catacomb." Button: "My girlfriend Juanita bought some leopard skin stretch pants. I said girl, you won't get you button 'em." Beware: "I asked the man at the employment office, is this beware I find be a job?" Battery: "The coach told my cousin Reggie he better start swinging the battery won't be in the line up tomorrow." Bagdad: "I always wondered what was in the Bagdad use to drink out of when he was sitting on the front porch." Assert: "On the way home from work, I always take assert so my old lady don't smell liquor on my breath." Anus: "The policeman told me and my friend Jerome they be looking for the two guys that held up the liquor store and we said---anus." Afford: "I wanted to buy a Cadillac, but then had to settle for afford."

funniness: 5.66

rating: R