Stanley T.

Blonde Mrs. Johnson entered her house and finds her husband in bed with another young blonde. "What are ou doing?!" she screams as she tried to believe what she had seen. Before she could say another word, her husband shot up to explain, "Honey, I know what you are thinking, but it's not what you are thinking. I'm not being unfaithful, honey. That lady there has a serious problem. She can't make babies though she has tried in vain with her husband. So I wanted to show her how to do it. Sincerely dear, it was just an act of mercy--the kind of thing you would do for charity." Mrs. Johnson shows a concerned face and remarks, "Poor girl, please assist her, let me not disturb you, Jimmy." She leaves the room and the two continue. She came back later asking, " Excuse me, Jimmy! Whose baby is that in Mike's bed?" "Mine!" the other lady snaps out. "I thought you couldn't get babies", Mrs. Johnson asks. "Of course she can't, honey. Her sister gave her that baby--the kind of things sisters can do for charity", her husband responds.

funniness: 4.52

rating: R