Alisha T.

Robert and John were sitting on a park bench talking when Robert started discussing the events of the previous night. Robert: You remember brother Bill? He's crippled you know. John: Yeah! Good guy. Robert: Yeah well, we went out to dinner last week. Really hard for him to get around. He's crippled you know. We went to the movies two nights ago and he couldn't even get into the theatre because he couldn't get up the stairs, 'cause he's crippled you know. Well, he went to a faith healer last night. Trying to get into the place and he fell down twice. He's crippled you know. The faith healer saw him stumbling up on his crutches and greeted him in the aisle. The faith healer put his hands on Brother Bill's head and started chanting and carrying on and kicked the crutch right out from under Brother Bill's right arm. Then he leaned over and kicked the crutch out from under Brother Bill's left arm and commanded him to walk. John: Wow! What happened! Robert: Busted his butt. He's crippled you know.

funniness: 5.48

rating: G