Andre C.

A gay man comes home to his boyfriend on a lovely summer evening in July. The gay man seems to be walking awkwardly once he opens the front door. The boyfriend says to him, "What's up your ass?" The gay man responds, "I'm not sure, but could you check it out for me?" So, the boyfriend sticks his hand in a place where the sun doesn't shine, and searches for anything that may be up there. "I can't find anything", says the boyfriend. "Search further." replies the gay man. "Nothing, yet." says the boyfriend. "Even further." the gay man continues. "Wait, I think I may have found it..." the boyfriend mutters. "It feels like metal of some sort...I've nearly got it...what the's a watch?! It's a Rolex watch?! Why the hell do you have a Rolex watch up your ass?!" The gay man sings, "Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you..."

funniness: 6.44

rating: R