Raynman M.

This guy and his girlfriend are driving through the mountains toward their cabin, and the girl sees two squirrels screwing on the side of the road. The girl asks her boyfriend what the squirrels are doing and the guy tells her that they are making pizza and don't worry about it. A few more miles down the road, the girl spots two deer going at it on the side of the road, and asks her boyfriend if they are making pizza. The guy tells her yes and not to worry about it. Eventually the couple makes it to the cabin. Later on in the night when the couple are having sex, the girl abruptly stops. Puzzled, the guy asks what's wrong, and the girl says the pizza is done. Dumbfounded, the guy asks how she knows. The girl tell him the pizza is done, because the cheese is melted and running all over her legs!

funniness: 5.40

rating: R