Fermatta A.

One day, Hanson and the Spice Girls were all on an airplane, and they get into a discussion. Baby Spice stated "You know, I could toss a thousand dollars out the window of this plane and make one person very happy." Then, the oldest Hanson brother said, "Well, I could toss ten one hundred dollar bills out the plane and make ten people happy." Then Sporty Spice said, "Well, I could toss one hundred, ten dollar bills out, and make one hundred people happy!" Then the middle Hanson brother very proudly said, "Well, I could toss one thousand, one dollar bills out the window and make one thousand people happy!" Sick of the discussion, another passenger said, "Well, I have a better idea, I could toss all of you out the window and make the entire world happy!"

funniness: 6.57

rating: PG