Demitry D.

A deeply religious and very poor man heards the Pope is coming to a city near where he lives. The man decides to sell all his belongings and buy a beautiful suit and take a bus to the city. The man stands by the side of the road on the first day of a parade and sees the Pope in his Pope-mobile. Much to his delight the Pope stops his Pope-mobile and gets out. The Pope walks directly towards him and the man is overjoyed...but then the Pope walks past and whispers into a tramp's ear and walks away. The man talks to a tramp and offers his beautiful suit and the little money in his pocket to him for the tramp's smelly, ragged clothes. The tramp quickly agrees. The next day the man, wearing the tramp's clothes, sits in exactly the same spot as the tramp did. The Pope-mobile comes down the street and sure enough it stops and the Pope gets out. The pope walks directly over to the man and bends over to whisper in his ear and says, "Didn't I tell you yesterday to get the fuck out of here?!"

funniness: 6.38

rating: R