Kenny S.

A man walks into a whorehouse and goes to the front desk and says, "I'm in the navy and I've been out at sea for almost a year and I want a whore to fuck." The man at the desk tells the man that he will send down a whore for him in a couple of minutes and for him to sit down in the other room in one of the chairs and wait for the whore to come down and get him. While the man was sitting he spotted a box in the corner and took a look inside. It was full of tomatoes. He then picked one up and started eating it. While he was eating the tomato a whore came into the room. She looked at him with fear and ran out of the room screaming. The man very puzzled went back up to the desk and said, "What the fuck kind of place is this. My whore came into the room and ran out screaming, I want another fuckin whore." The man at the desk apoligized to him and told him to go back to the other room and he will get him another whore. When the man goes back to the room he got another tomato and began eating it when another whore came in and reacted like the first whore. Mad as hell the man went back to the desk and said, "You got me another whore but she reacted just like the first." The man at the desk said, "Okay sir, tell me exactly what happened in there." The man replied, "I was in the other room waiting for my whore and I saw a box of tomatoes and started to eat some when..." The man at the desk cut him off and said, "There's your problem, those are not tomatoes they are last weeks abortions."

funniness: 3.91

rating: R