Jay G.

There were 101 nuns in a convent. In a large meeting of all 101, the head nun stepped up to the pedestal ready to make a major announcement. She said, "Ahem, Ahem, my fellow nuns, I have ghastly news for you. Yesterday, we found evidence that one of you nuns has been uptown having sex with the locals." 99 nuns gasped but 1 giggled. The nun then said, "We have found the condominium that was rented by this nun." 99 nuns gasped but 1 giggled. She then said, "We then found much lingerie and other ladies clothing strung about." 99 nuns gasped but 1 giggled. "We also found a pack of condom, one used, and a discarded pair of boxers, but not briefs." 99 nuns said gaspedbut 1 giggled. Then the head nun said, "Here's the big one, girls! We found a suspicious hole in the side of the bedroom of the condominium, which we were peeking through last night!" 99 nuns giggled, but one gasped.

funniness: 5.72

rating: R