Tyce F.

Q: What do you call a blonde with half a brain? A: Gifted ! Q: How do blonde braincells die? A: Alone. Q: What do you call a blonde with 2 brain cells? A: Pregnant. Q: How do you brainwash a blonde? A: Give her a douche and shake her upside down. Q: What do you call it when a blonde dies their hair brunette? A: Artificial intelligence. Q: How does a blonde part their hair? A1: (Action of scissoring legs apart) A2: By doing the splits. Q: Why aren't blondes good cattle herders A: Because they can't even keep two calves together! Q: What did the blonde's right leg say to the left leg? A: Nothing. They've never met. Q: Why do blondes wash their hair in the sink? A: Because, that's where you're supposed to wash vegetables! Q: When does a brunette have 1/2 of a brain? A: After a dye job. Q: Why didn't the blonde want a window seat on the plane? A1: She'd just dyed her hair. A2: She'd just blow dried her hair and she didn't want it blown around too much. Q: Why do blondes wear their hair up? A: To catch everything that goes over their heads. Q: Why is it good to have a blonde passenger? A: You can park in the handicap zone. Q: What was the blonde psychic's greatest achievment? A: An IN-body experience! Q: Why is a blonde like a turtle? A: They both get fucked up when they're on their back. Q: What do Darren Millane (Collingwood footballer killed in a recent car crash) and a blonde have in common? A: Put either of 'em in a car and the're fucked. Q: What's a blonde's favorite nursery rhyme ? A: Humpme Dumpme.

funniness: 6.49

rating: R