Stanley T.

There was this lady who decided to get married. Unfortunately, from the ethnic background she came from, she could only be allowed to get married if she satisfied some of their whims. One of their whims was to make sure that the prospective bride had to be a virgin, and the only way they could find this out was for the prospective husbands to sleep with her and they would watch for the reaction. She knew that they were waiting for her to feel the pain of penetration, and she decided to do the next best thing. She went to bed and set a mousetrap just beneath her buttocks and allowed the man to enter her. While this was happening, lo and behold, the trap did its work and the man nearly went into shock. He slowly asked, "Darling, what the hell was that?" The lady answered, "Darling, that was my maidenhead!" To which the man patiently answered, "Whatever it is, would you kindly get it off because it has caught my balls!"

funniness: 6.43

rating: R