Dennis V.

Two old men were at the zoo, one of them had a slight hearing problem. The one without the hearing problem was explaining about the wolves, when the zoo keeper overheard their conversation. "These anamals aren't wolves sir, they are called hyenas." "What did he say?" the other man asks. "THEY ARE CALLED HYENAS, NOT WOLVES!" the men with good hearing explains. The zoo keeper, being a bit of a talker, starts telling the two old men about the hyenas, "They are very special kind of animals, they look like dogs, but they don't bark. Instead of barking they laugh." "What did he say?" the deaf old man asks. "THEY LAUGH INSTEAD OF BARK!" the other one replies. The zoo keeper continues his story, "The mating takes place once a year, this is very unusual." "What did he say?" the deaf one asks. "THEY ONLY MATE ONCE A YEAR," the other replies. "So why do they laugh?" the deaf one asks.

funniness: 4.93

rating: PG