Drew S.

One day a man was driving down a country road and he ran out of gas. Luckily there was a house near by. The man walked to the house and asked if he could spent the night. The family had a very hot chic as a daughter. She was even the man's age. The farmer said, "I guess you could sleep with our daughter, but I'm going to put eggs between you and if they're broken in the morning, I'm going to kill you." Well, during the night, one thing led to another and the man and the daughter got it on. All of the eggs broke. When they were done, they realized that all the eggs were broken so they quikly glued them back together. In the morning when the father came in, he said, "Good job sonny. Not a single egg broken, now let's eat them for breakfast." When the wife was cracking them, she realized that they were empty, so she yelled, "Honey, the damn chicken laid rubbers again!"

funniness: 6.39

rating: R