Isa S.

An airstewardess was attending to passengers on an aircraft one day when a lady approached her looking very angry. "Excuse me," said the lady, "but I would like to make a complaint!" "Yes maam?" the stewardess replied. "I was taking a nap just now when i felt somebody tugging at my panties and touching my pussy. Tried as i might but I still couldn't find the culprit !". The stewardess thought that the lady was trying to play a prank and didn't take her seriously. Nevertheless, she told the lady that she would look into the matter straight away. As she continued serving the passengers, another woman approached her with the same story. Perplexed, she decided to investigate. While making her way to the back of the aircraft, she chanced upon an old man crawling on the floor as though searching for something. "Excuse me, sir, can I help you?", she said. " Yes please, my dear lady", he replied. "You see, I am blind, and as luck would have it, I seemed to have lost my tupee. Could you help me find it?" "What kind of a tupee, sir?" "Well, it's kind of small and parted at the side. Twice I thought I had found it but those were parted at the center."

funniness: 6.43

rating: R