John M.

A man is driving down the highway on his way to a fast weekend in Las Vegas when he sees a roadsign which states, "Sister Mary of the Conception Whore House, 50 miles." He pays the sign little attention and continues to drive. 25 miles later he sees a sign reading "Sister Mary of the Conception Whore House, 25 miles." He begins to get interested in the validity of the ad and when he sees "Sister Mary of the Conception Whore House, NEXT EXIT" he has to check it out. He pulls over and follows all signs and finds a quaint little church. He walks in to find a nun sitting at a table with a cash box. He mentions the ads that he had seen on the highway and she tells him that they charge $50 for their services. He thinks the price is steep but he figures that it is worth the money. The nun leads him to a corridor with manby doors on either side and instructs him to go through the last door on the left. He goes through the door to find that he is back in the parking lot. He is about to go back in screaming for his money when he sees a small placard in the ground that reads, "You have just been fucked by the Sisters Mary of the Conception!"

funniness: 7.33

rating: R