Jesse R.

I think I'd like to go use the net. Will it mess up? You bet! There are too many things loading now. How slow can it go? Just how? All the loading is done. Time for some fun. Hey, there's an ICQ mail. If Netscape messes up NOW, I'll wail. Now I've got the message, and might want to send one. I might have some fun! I click back on Netscape, and somehow the ICQ screen is stuck. Netscape is a slow as a giant puddle of muck. I can't do anything now. I can? How? Netscape 4 won't run, but I can still have fun. Time to use old Netscape 3. Hee Hee Hee! What? I need a newer browser? Do you want me to become Bowser? I can still do some. But that some is kinda dumb. At least I can chat, and eat until I get fat. Well, I'm having some fun looking at now. It just disconnected. How? That was bad. I had about one 10000th the fun I thought I would have had. So now I know, that I should get MY browser from Microsoft! It will keep me aloft!

funniness: 4.03

rating: G