Maggie H.

Sung to the tune of the Irish Washerwoman: Para-dimethyl-amino-benzaldahide, powdered aluminum, sodium cyanide, chromates, permanganates, nitrates galore; just swallow one sip and you'll never need more. Tequila and wiskey and rum are too tame. Oh, the stuff that I drink must explode into flame. When I breathe I dissolve all the paint in the room, and shatter the walls with an earth-shaking boom. Got gassed up last night on some furfural alcohol. Followed it up with a gallon of propanol. Tanked up on hydrozene 'til afternoon, then spat on the floor and blew up the saloon! Para-dimethyl-amino-benzaldahide; go soak your head in a good, strong insectacide. Follow it up with a dose of benzene, and top off the tank with tri-chloro-ethene.

funniness: 4.10

rating: R