Cole G.

Milton's buddies talked Milton into going deer hunting. Milton was a city slicker. He didn't know anything about deer, had never seen a real life deer, and and wasn't sure he would recognize one if he did see it. Anyway Melton's buddies talked him in to going, told him when he saw a deer he would know what it was, and not to worry about it. Melton borrowed a gun, and joined his buddies heading to the big woods. One of the guys helped him shimmy up a tree, told him right down there is a deer trail, just keep an eye on it and when a deer comes along all you have to do is shot it. Nothing to it. After about an hour a brown billy goat came a walking down that deer trail, Milton got all excited, raised his gun and shot that goat, killed him dead as a goat can get. Milton came down out of the tree, walked down to the goat, looked it over and began questioning himself, he wasn't sure if that was a goat or not. He tried calling out for his buddies, but none of them would respond, so he decided to go look for help. He walked over the hill and saw a farmer out feeding his hogs. he thought surely this farmer would know if it was a deer he had killed. So he ask the farmer if he would go take a look at what he had shot. The farmer was a busy man, and he told Milton he didn't have time to go all over the country, "just tell me what it looks like, and I'll tell you what it is if I can." Milton told him it wasn't much to look at, had brown hair, the hardest head, and the most stinking ass of anything he had ever seen. The farmer looked like he was about to faint and said, "Damn city slicker, you shot my wife!"

funniness: 6.05

rating: R