Stephen A.

Once there was a football at a store. John Wilson came to the store and he said, "This football has no laces." Why no laces? John was shocked. "Of course there are laces." said the store owner. "See, I'm wearing glasses." The owner was tricking him. John fell for it and bought the football for $75.91. John was mad at the price for the football, though. When he went to his football practice all of his teamates laughed at him. He said, "Why are you laughing?" The coach said, "We are going to kick you off the team for being such a bone head." Then John went back to the store and he tried to give back the football to the store because he was trying out for basketball. John gave the football back and then the store manager said, "The new sports style is no laced footballs." That was right after John bought a no lined basketball....

funniness: 3.39

rating: G