Brian L.

A guy needed a ditch dug, so he hired two blond guys. They got out their shovels and started digging. They were taking forever so the guy hired some brunets. The brunet guys came out with their machinery and started digging twice as fast. One of the blonds say to the other, "We started here first, but the brunet guys are getting paid more. What's up with that." So one decides to go talk to the manager about it. "We have working here longer but their getting paid more, What's up with that?" The manager replies, "Let me show you something." The manager puts his hand in front of the oak tree and says to the blond, "Try to hit my hand." The blond rares back and swings with full force. The manager moves his hand and the blond's hand hits the tree. The manager says, "That is why they are getting paid more." The blond goes back to his friend and his friend asks, "What did he say." The blond, not finding a tree, puts his hand in front of his face and says, "Try to hit my hand."

funniness: 5.72

rating: G