Mandy J.

- Even Wonder Woman had her television show canceled. - Dead insects are basically harmless. - Nicely dressed men take up more closet space. - Where to hit the catsup bottle to make it pour out immediately. - Estrogen is not a biblical character. - Men love to show their strength by opening "too tight" lids. - The charge limit on her credit cards. - Monday Night Football is a disease. - There are still some good men available...and some lousy ones who aren't. - She deserves to be treated like a queen by her mate. - Men are not THE enemy. - The quizzes in COSMOPOLITAN are not scientific. - God will probably have a great explanation for the menstruation cycle. - Men can change. - "Have you enjoyed your time away?" sounds much better than "Where have you been?" - Most men believe they are better drivers. - The grass may be greener on the other side...but the fertilizer smells the same. - Duct tape will fix almost anything. - When to stop asking about his old girlfriends. - How to tell the difference between a knight in armor and a nightmare. - How to squeeze in a quiet time between putting on mascara and running out the door. - How to paint fingernails, talk on the phone, and watch the news at the same time. - When to hide the channel changer. - Where to buy fresh begonias. - How to say "begonias" without laughing. - A few kiss-avoidance techniques. - How to act as if she knows what she is doing, even when she doesn't. - Thinking like a man won't help. - Cupid is short, pudgy, and mythological. - Every man LOVES to win. - Most men believe romance and sex are the same thing. - Sex was God's idea. - There is no such thing as the fountain of youth or the perfect man. - How to pronounce these words, "No, thank you...I can't afford that." - Most men need help choosing clothes. - How to allow a man to pamper her. - Daytime television is fantasy. - Perfume should be dabbed on, not bathed in. - Staring at the phone won't make it ring. - Romance is fun work. - How to tickle a man for pain. - To resist the urge to rub it in when she's right. - Blondes don't have ALL the fun. - To show mercy to her husband during large department store sales. - Humility has a sweet scent.

funniness: 5.73

rating: PG