Peerapong K.

There was a monk who lives in a faraway land, he likes to lie down on a bed of mushrooms near where his temple is located, and those mushrooms are unusually high (15cm). One day, after finishing his daily duty of sweeping the temple grounds, he went to the mushroom bed to take a rest. He lay among the mushrooms, and a few minutes later he dozed off... While he was sleeping, his dick woke up to full length without his knowledge. The dick pushed the monk's robe away and after its rise, looked almost like any other mushrooms. Somehow the trees around were shedding their leaves, and in a few minutes his body was covered with leaves except for his, of course, dick. Likewise, the other mushrooms were not covered either. And while he was still in deep sleep, a little girl came along with a basket to pick mushrooms. She pulled out one, two, three mushrooms and put them in her basket. When she came to the 7th mushroom, which was the monk's dick, she couldn't pull the mushroom out, no matter how hard she tried. And after many attempts the mushroom squirted liquid at her. You can imagine how she went home crying... The next day the monk told the other monks in the temple how good he felt when he slept, and invited them all to lie down at the mushroom bed. All of them went to 'rest' at the place. The little girl, however, was convinced that the mushroom she had tried to pull the day before was a magic mushroom. And so she, along with her mother, brought shears and also their pet cat to the place. They wanted to harvest ALL of the mushrooms and the cat could run around the place. So they began their harvest, the shears cut off mushrooms one by one, and when they realised they had cut off 12 monk's dick it was too late...12 nuns they became instead... (And the cat still plays with one mushroom)

funniness: 4.34

rating: R