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- Why do physics never win the lottery? - Why do they call it oatmeal if it's not even a full meal? - Why did it take Bill Clinton so long to realize he had sexual relations? - Why do rednecks always talk funny? - Why do they call it "The united states of America" if all the states aren't united? - Why does the TValways say "beef it's what's for dinner" and you're not even going to eat beef that night? - Will this peice of shit ever come out? - Did my butt just say hello? - Woah I wonder what I ate last night...smells like someone set off a gas bomb - If there is life on other planets, why the hell does the government have to cover it up? I mean I won't go get my shotgun...I'll jsut fart and that will take care of 'em - Why does Easter have to be on a Sunday? Can't it just be on like to 5th of April or something? - Why do we celetbrate all of our holidays in one day? - Are they talking about me in that stall over there? - What does a guy do in the bathroom? - What do guys talk about in bathrooms? Are they like, "Hey nice penis, where did you get such a big honker like that one?" - Do men think about what we are thinking about or doing? - Do men even think? - Should I ask the person in the stall next to mine if I can borrow some toilet paper? Boy I'm never eating at that place again! - What's it like to be a guy? - Woah lookie here, THE TITANIC IS SINKING! - Did I just miss the bus?

funniness: 4.68

rating: R