Alex F.

Little Al Capone managed to avoid homework the day before so everybody at school knew that their loathed bully finally had it coming to him. When the teacher called a random name from the class list to demonstrate and Al's was it. "Who was our first President, Al?" "No homework, old geezer." "Wha..." she said, taken off balance for a second. "Well, aren't we bold? And why is that, you little spoiled devil?" "It is my right to remain silent." The teacher had had it with Al so she dragged him along towards the door with the intention of visiting the principal's office. Atthat moment, the class's know-it-all springs up from his chair and chants, "I know the answer, Miss Keaton! The name of the first President is George Wa..." To everyone's horror, the kid had fallen all over his desk without even having time to finish his answer. A patch of deep red was slowly spreading over his shirt. Al's lunchbox was open on his desk, showing ammo clips and he was holding a tiny black drum machine gun. Miss Keaton yells in horror, "Al!! why did you kill poor Jimmy?!?!" "Because," Al answers in a cold voice, "he knew too much."

funniness: 3.93

rating: PG