Dave M.

One night a man with a hump on his back and a man with a wooden-leg were staggering home drunk when they came to a graveyard. The man with the hump said " Let's cut through here." The man with the wooden leg on said "NO I'm afraid." "Don't be afraid I will go in and show you its ok." So off went the man with the hump on his back to show his friend all was well. When he reached halfway through and was about to turn back a sound from behind a grave stone startled him and a ghost jumped out and said "What's that on your back"? The man said "A hump" The ghost leaped forward grabbed the hump and the man was cured. He ran back to his friend and told him all about it. The man with the wooden-leg said "I'm going in now, maby he will fix me up too." When he reached the spot his friend had said the Ghost jummed out and said "Whats that on your back? " Puzzled the man said "Nothing!" The ghost leaped forward and said "HERE'S A HUMP"

funniness: 5.53

rating: R