Anh P.

Aladin and the Princess got really upset that the genie would not leave them alone so they could start enjoying their first honeymoon night together. Aladin thought for a moment then said to the genie: Genie, please go to China and bring back the Great Wall to my back yard. Genie was off for 5 minutes and just as Aladin was undressing his beautiful bride that he came back, knelt down and said: Master, your wish is fulfilled. Great wall IS on your back yard. The couple got even more upset and started giving the genie all kinds of impossible tasks to all of which he completed in no time at all. It almost seemed like they could never start having the fun they have been longing for if not for the Princess's quick mind. She called the genie outside, whispered something to him and came back in. The genie was gone for the rest of the time and the couple had the best night in their life. The next morning Aladin walked out of the room just to see genie sitting there weeping like a little kid. Being asked as why the tears, the genie showed Aladin a pubic hair and said: Princess gave me this hair and asked me to straightened it up. I have tried in vain since last night.

funniness: 5.87

rating: R