Daydream F.

A man went to the doctors one day and said, "Doctor I have a problem. There's a red ring around my dick!" After inspecting the problem, the doctor gave the man some pills and said, "Take two of these three times a day. Come back next week so I can see the results." The next week the guy came back and said that the pills didn't work so the doctor gave him some medicine. "Take a table spoon of this twice a day and come back next week." The next week the guy came back and the medicine hadn't worked. So the doctor gave the guy some cream, "Rub this cream on the red ring every day and then come back to see me." A week after that the guy came back and said, "Wow! That stuff really worked! What was it?" And the doctor said, "It was my wifes lipstick remover."

funniness: 7.32

rating: R