Kristan W.

Three travelers found this perfect room in the city to rent. Unfortunately they had to rent it from an intimate couple. The couple would almost always be having sex. One night on the third floor where they stayed, they heard a tap tap tap swish whoosh. At breakfast the next morning one of the travelers asked what the noise was. The husband, and owner of the house answered, "The tap tap tap was me running, the swish me jumping, and the whoosh me landing in bed next to my wife." The next night they heard this, tap tap tap, swoosh whoosh! They asked the husband what the noise was. "The tap tap tap, me running, swoosh me flying, whoosh me landing in bed next to my wife. The next night the sound was a little different, tap tap swish thump! The travelers asked over a cup of coffee what that noise was. And the husband answered again. "Tap tap tap, running, swish, flying, thump hitting my head on bedpost!!"

funniness: 4.06

rating: PG