Jeff J.

There is a little girl having a birthday party and she wants a clown. Her parents have a clown at the party and when he arrives the girl asks for some magic, but the clown replies, "I don't do magic, I only do balloon animals." The girl unhappilly says ok. Later she asks for just one magic trick and when the clown refuses she starts to cry. The clown (by then upest with the repeated requests for magic) agrees to do one magic trick. He then stands behind the girl and says to her, "Do you feel my thumbs in your ass?" The girl replies, "Yes I feel them." The clown put his thumbs up in front of her to show her that they were not in her ass hole anymore and said, "Do you still feel them?" "Yes." The girl replies. He then said Tada!!!

funniness: 5.19

rating: R