Jim T.

A goose laid an egg in a redneck's garden. The owner of the goose went round to his house and asked for the egg. "Sorry man," came the reply, "In these parts, if goose lays egg in garden, owner of garden gets egg!" The goose owner said, "Where I come from, we settle disputes like this: I kick you in your nuts, you kick me in mine and so on until one gives in. The winner gets the egg." The redneck replied, "Seems ok to me, go ahead." At this, the goose owner took a run at the redneck and landed his boot smack in the middle of the redneck's groin. The redneck kneeled over in agony and sat on the floor to recover. He then shouted over to the goose guy and said, "Ok now it's my turn." The goose guy replied, "Naa, you keep the egg!"

funniness: 7.44

rating: PG-13