Jessica N.

A lady walks into a restaraunt. There's a clerk behind the counter and he is a large man. He's also hairy and sweaty and gross. But she ignores it and she says to him, "I would like to order a hamburger." So the clerk turns around to the cook, who is fatter, hairier, sweatier, and he's not even wearing a shirt. He says to the cook, "The lady would like a hamburger." So the cook takes a HUGE piece of raw hamburger, sticks it under his armpit (for the grease) and then he throws it on the grill. The lady, who is now incredibly grossed out, says to the clerk, "That is the most disgusting thing I have ever seen!" The clerk replies, "You think that's disgusting, you should've been here this morning when he was making doughnuts!"

funniness: 5.34

rating: R