Steph R.

When Judy first arrived at her hotel in Jamaica, the thing she saw was the GORGEOUS young man sipping his morning coffee. She used her femme fatal flirting skills to convince him to come up to her room and make sweet love all day long. The man, knowing a golden opportunity when he saw one, eagerly agreed and followed her to her room. After a few hours of what the man thought was wild sex, he decided he better be getting home. Judy ultimately agreed, his performance was anything but wild, and sent him on his way promising to meet him tomorrow. That night Judy decided to see a voodoo witch doctor about his problem. She set off through the creepy woods, over the spooky bridge and into the run-down hut where the witch doctor lived. After she explained the situation, the witch doctor had the perfect remedy: "I think his sex drive needs to be kicked into higher gear, give him these love pills in his morning coffee and he'll give ya the best sex in both y'alls life." And that's just what Judy did. The first day she put one pill in his coffee and had great sex afterwards. Seeing the results, she puts two pills in his morning coffee on the second day and they had even better sex then yesterday. By the fifth day Judy was feeling really horny so she emptied the rest on the bottle of pills, a total of twenty pills, into his coffee. That night she had the best sex she had ever had. "Man!" she thought to herself, "I've got to get more of those pills!" So that night she decides to go back to the witch doctor. On her way there she was stopped by a little boy, no more than twelve years old asking, "Are you the bitch who's been fucking my dad?" "What's it to you little man?" "It's those damn pills." "What's wrong?" "Well nothing, except my mom's dead, my sister's pregnant, my ass hurts and my dad's sitting on the corner, naked, singing 'Here kitty, kitty, kitty.'"

funniness: 7.18

rating: R