Laura C.

The setting is a really fancy party. People walking around, munching on caviar, most have a glass of wine held out, noses in the air... you get the picture. So, this drunk walks up to the hostess, and he says, "Escuse meh, do lumns hv legs?" And she stares at him, and she says, laughing, "I'm sorry *holds back laughter*, what did you say?" And he says, "Uh said... do lumens hev lgs?" And she starts to laugh. She says, "I'm... sorry, you'll have to excuse me, my hearing's going. It sounded as though you said *laughs* 'do lemons... have legs'." And the drunk says, "Yuh... thas wut I said." And she looks at him and says, "Well... no." And he looks down. "Oh lord... I squeezed yer canary in my drink.."

funniness: 5.52

rating: PG