Mike P.

A woman goes into a pet store to buy herself a pet. The clerk says to her "Can I help you find something miss?" "Yes" the woman replies, "I'm looking for a pet for myself." The man shows her around and after looking at all the regular type pets the woman asks "Do you have any thing special?" The clerk says, "Well we do have a pussy eating frog for $200. "The woman is curious and asks just how does this work, the man says "Its easy, just lay naked on the bed next to the frog and say eat me frog." The woman says "Are you sure this frog eats pussy?" "Yes I am." the clerk answers. The woman buys the frog and takes it home. When she gets home, she takes off her clothes and lays on the bed next to the frog. "Eat me." She says to the frog. Nothing happened. Again she says "Eat me." And again nothing happened. Feeling ripped off she calls and tells the clerk what happened. The clerk says, "That can't be, I'll be right over." The clerk shows up and says to the frog, "Eat her." And nothing happened. The clerk then says, "Alright watch me, this is the last time I'm gonna show you how to eat pussy!"

funniness: 7.18

rating: R