Caleb H.

This kid and his grandfather were going fishing one day and the grand father pulls out a cigar. At this time in the morning the bugs were really biting and so the kid asked his grandfather if he could have one. His garndfathers said, "Can you touch your ass with your dick?" The kid replied, "no." "Then no you can't", said the grandfather. A little bit later in the day about noon Old Grandad pulls out a nice cold beer. This afternoon was particularly hot so the kid said, "hey grandad can I have one of those to cool me off?" "Can you touch your ass with your dick son?", the grandad replied "No", says the kid. "Then sorry but no", says the grandad. After they finish fishing they stop at sheetz and ol' grandad buys some smokes and two lottery tickets. The kid asks, "Grandad can I have one of those lottery tickets?" Grandad replies, "Sure couldn't hurt." Grandad scratches off his lottery ticket and yells, "Son of... goddamn waste of money... never win on these damn... ugh" The kid schratches off his ticket and yells in excitement that he won $10,000. Grandad says, "Thats great! $5,000 for you and $5,000 for me!" Kid asked his grandfather if he could touch his ass with his dick and the grand father replied, "Hell yeah!" Then the kid answered, "Good! Then you can go fuck yourself!"

funniness: 7.50

rating: PG