The Priest and the Bus Driver

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A bus driver and a priest died and were standing at the door of heaven. Peter looked at the bus driver and said, "Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter and go live forever in that large mansion overlooking the valley."

The priest, thought to himself, "Boy, if he gets that, what am I going to get?" Peter then turned to him and said, "Well done, enter and go live forever in that small cottage at the bottom of the valley."

The priest then set foot down the valley feeling humbled and not a little jealous. He then turned round and shouted to Peter, "Hey, how come he, a bus driver, got a beautiful mansion and me, a priest, only got a dinky little cottage at the bottom of the valley?"

"Well, my son," Peter replied, "When you preached, folks fell asleep, but when he drove a bus, folks prayed!"


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CY3Z_The Priest and the Bus Driver

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