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Coma Sex

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There's a woman in hospital in a coma. The nurse notices that every time she sponge bathes the woman around the crotch her vital signs, according to the nearby monitor, increase significantly.

The nurse gets the bright idea that oral sex might just provide the stimulus to bring the woman out of her coma, so she calls the woman's husband, and he agrees. When he arrives at the hospital, the nurse ushers him into the room, closes the curtains around the bed, and closes the door.

Five minutes later, the man comes rushing out of the room screaming that all his wife's vital signs have plummeted to zero, and she needs a doctor immediately. The nurse, upset that her idea hadn't worked, and in fact might have endangered the life of the patient she sought to save, asked the husband what had happened. "I'm not sure, but I think she choked."


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by Hannah V. 1+ years ago

omg he stuck his dick in her mouth lmfao

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by Genny J. 1+ years ago


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by FunnyFreakOfThe3rdDynasty !. 1+ years ago

SICK....but funny

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by the notorious C.C.T. 1+ years ago


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CTZH_Coma Sex

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