Holy Water

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3 nuns were allowed to have one night away from the church...so they traveled all around, and had a blast. The next morning, all 3 lined up in front of the Confession Stand.

The first nun went in and the priest asked her, "What sins have you committed?" And the nun said, "Well, father, I made love to a man I met in a bar." And the Priest thought for about 40 seconds, and said, "You are forgiven, but you must drink of the holy water." So she thanked him, and took a big drink, and she ran off, and threw up. The third nun laughed quietly.

The second nun went in, and he asked her the same question, and the second nun said, "Well, I made love to a man, and I got very drunk." So, the priest thought for 40 seconds, and said, "You're forgiven, but you must drink of the holy water." So, she thanked him, and went to the water, and drank a lot, she ran and threw up.

The priest became very confused as they were throwing up, and the third nun was laughing her head off. She stumbled into the confession stand. The priest knew she was drunk, and he said, "What have you done, M'Lady?" And she laughed, and screamed out, "I pissed and spat in the holy water!"


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